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Washington Gun Classifieds

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Washington Gun Classifieds

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New - Yukon Dagger Replica
New - Yukon Dagger Replica $150.00
13 inch Hand forged dagger made from a large mill file, with leather wrapped handle. Sheath is made of cedar with sinew binding. Handcrafted by myself.
Seller: tinker 11-26-11--1:47 PM Vancouver, WA
New - Early Lancaster Rifle Replica
New - Early Lancaster Rifle Replica $1200.00
Early Lancaster Rifle with 54 caliber Colerain C weight barrel, 38 inch maple stock with some curl and sliding wood patchbox. Handcrafted and assembled by myself.
Seller: tinker 11-26-11--1:37 PM Vancouver, WA
Dan Wesson .44 magnum special $550.00
I am putting my Dan Wesson 44 Magnum up for sale. I hate to part with it but I don't shoot this revolver much. The revolver has a sweet trigger. Full lenght nice wood grip with S/W implented. ...
Seller: roman123 09-25-11--04:07 AM everett, WA
Colt Anaconda 44 Magnum Revolver - no longer manufactured - collectable
Colt Anaconda 44 Magnum Revolver - no longer manufactured - collectable $1250.00
Colt Anaconda double action .44 Mag revolver with 6 inch barrel. Excellent condition, fired about 30 times (less than two boxes of shells). Stainless steel construction with red ramp front sight an...
Seller: Claytonator 07-27-11--3:28 PM North Bend, WA
Early WWII Remington 1903 A3 Springfield .30-06
Early WWII Remington 1903 A3 Springfield .30-06 $899.99
I have a very nice Remington model 1903 A3 for sale. This rifle was used by Marines on Tarawa, New Guinea, and Guadal canal, before being shipped back for use as a training rifle. This is a unique ...
Seller: jakedhughes 07-12-11--3:24 PM Arlington, WA
Savage Mark II .22 LR bolt action Rifle
Savage Mark II .22 LR bolt action Rifle $259.00
NEW! SAVAGE Mark-II bolt action rifle + TASCO/Silver-Antler scope + BUTLER CREEK/cobra-sling + 1/Xtra mag.
Seller: higheagle 06-13-11--01:38 AM Blaine, WA
Smith&Wesson 629 TrailBoss + 5SpeedLoaders, Ammo&Brass $1050.00
Smith & Wesson 629-6 Trail Boss it is non fluted, non ported((most are ported & fluted)thats why i picked this one up).. comes with org case paperwork, lock&keys, factory test shell(s), over 300 ro...
Seller: dennis682003 05-25-11--11:44 PM Washougal, WA
Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm w/ 7-16 rd mags loaded with hollow points & crossdraw tactical vest $600.00
I am selling a Smith & Wesson Sigma 9. it comes with 7 16 round mags, loaded with hollowpoints. also comes with 200 or so rounds. I am including a crossdraw tactical vest-it has 6 handgun mag holst...
Seller: derrickjlacy 04-26-11--09:33 AM Greenacres, WA
AR 15 LOCKING WALL MOUNT Ridgeback Racks are unlike anything on the market today. Ridgeback Racks are an innovative product for displaying firearms securely with a keyed lock through the trigge...
Seller: Sadiegirl 04-20-11--3:06 PM Bellingham, WA
Colt House Model Cloverleaf Pocket Single Action Revolver
Colt House Model Cloverleaf Pocket Single Action Revolver $1200.00
Gun is in very good shape..text is very legible. S/N 4412 Will take offers...
Seller: sparrow 11-19-10--11:24 AM Puyallup, WA
American Sharpshooter LDR System 6-Peeps Target
American Sharpshooter LDR System 6-Peeps Target $1.25
The 6-Peeps is just what it says: a target with six "people". Need to practice drawing, acquiring, and double-tapping? This is the target for you. Most of the drills for this target involve firing ...
Seller: Sharpshooter 10-06-10--8:36 PM Sammamish, WA
American Sharpshooter LDR System 4-Hidden Target
American Sharpshooter LDR System 4-Hidden Target $1.25
The 4-Hidden target gets you to focus on shooting the BG while missing the innocent. It might be a hostage situation. It might be bystanders in the background. The drills change, but the end result...
Seller: Sharpshooter 10-06-10--8:34 PM Sammamish, WA
American Sharpshooter 9-Dot Target
American Sharpshooter 9-Dot Target $1.25
The 9-Dot target is one of American Sharpshooter's utility targets. It's a great target for accuracy drills, but also has some speed drills. Why the nine small 3" spots on this target? As Mel G...
Seller: Sharpshooter 10-06-10--8:28 PM Sammamish, WA
American Sharpshooter LDR System Logbook, Handgun Edition
American Sharpshooter LDR System Logbook, Handgun Edition $29.95
This is the cornerstone of the American Sharpshooter LDR Training System. Combined with the American Sharpshooter drills and targets, you will gain real world skills, critical to saving you and you...
Seller: Sharpshooter 10-06-10--8:22 PM Sammamish, WA
Satellite Phone
Satellite Phone $600.00
This Phone is a GSP1700 Satellite Phone from Qualcom runs on the Globalstar Network it Retails for $900+ will trade it for items worth $600 or Sell for $500 Cash very little use.. Looks New even ha...
Seller: Contract_Pilot 09-04-10--11:39 PM Vancouver, WA
Glock 22 $500.00
glock 22 .40s&w in box with 6 Mags (4new)
Seller: RChandler66 08-22-10--10:14 PM Yacolt, WA
S & W 686 combat mag. .38+p / .357 4in.Satin Stainless $550.00
S & W 686 combat Mag. Super tuned .38+P / .357 mag 4 inch satin stainless finish Excellent condition Two speed loaders & carriers L.H. Accumold Holster
Seller: RChandler66 08-22-10--10:11 PM Yacolt, WA
Glock 36 $550.00
compact carry .45 acp in box with 2 mags & accessories Clip draw and L.H. Fobus paddle holster Excellent condition selling because of servre injury to hand
Seller: RChandler66 08-22-10--10:03 PM Yacolt, WA
Lady Smith Pistol
Lady Smith Pistol $500.00
New Condition, Lady Smith Air Lite Pistol. Wood grips, hard box, lock and key.
Seller: bexceen 03-23-09--5:58 PM Gig Harbor, WA
Ruger 357 blackhawk $350.00
Ruger 357 blackhawk
Seller: Gallegos 03-14-09--12:21 AM concrete, WA

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