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Ruger Rifles - Classifieds

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Ruger Rifles

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Ruger PC 9
Ruger PC 9 $500.00
PC9 9mm rifle with 2 10 rd mags less than 500 rds through this rifle
Seller: Schmo12 06-04-11--09:46 AM Bakersfield, CA
RUGER 1B 270 CAL, $799.00
Seller: alldonenow 02-15-11--3:30 PM canastota, NY
Ruger Mimi - 14
Ruger Mimi - 14 $550.00
Ruger Mini 14 w/ scope. Excellent condition. contact Rick at 785-423-0288
Seller: shrumind 11-28-10--6:04 PM Lawrence, KS
Ruger M77 7mm magazine
Ruger M77 7mm magazine $20.00
Ruger M77 7mm magazine in real nice shape....i live in lindenhurst il. 60046
Seller: edward 08-27-10--11:29 AM lake villa, IL
7m rem mag $700.00
ruger m77 7m rem. mag. bolt action custom stock comes with center point 4-16x40 red/green Illuminated mil-dot reyicle 100%waterproof&fog proof&shock proof pictures upon requist
Seller: ronaldcoble50 07-01-10--12:52 AM CoosBay, OR
custom semi-auto 30cal M1 $1500.00
custom stock laser scope NCSTAR 3-9x42 5 shot clip
Seller: cron50 06-25-10--1:27 PM CoosBay, OR
Ruger Mini-14 $1100.00
Ruger Mini-14. Stainless. Original Ruger folding stock. Original 30 rd Ruger magazine included. Purchased 2nd hand from a group of 30 rifles that came in at the same time...possibly police departme...
Seller: DaddyBlaho 04-04-09--1:13 PM Berlin Center, OH
Ruger Mini 14 $900.00
Ruger Mini 14 "K" Series 223 Black/Stainless
Seller: huntin247 02-24-09--09:46 AM Mulberry, AR

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