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Maryland Gun Classifieds

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Maryland Gun Classifieds

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Annapolis, Maryland Gun Classifieds
Baltimore, Maryland Gun Classifieds
Elkton, Maryland Gun Classifieds
Frederick, Maryland Gun Classifieds
Gaithersburg, Maryland Gun Classifieds
Germantown, Maryland Gun Classifieds
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Towson, Maryland Gun Classifieds

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HK USP FS 40SW Excellent Condition < 1000 rds $650.00
I have a Full Size USP .40 S&W for sale. It has fired less than 1,000 rounds and I am the original owner. I am looking to buy 9mm glock to save a bit of money on ammo. It's never been holstered, on...
Seller: eagecl 07-12-11--11:58 AM Towson, MD
Remington 700BDL 30.06
Remington 700BDL 30.06 $450.00
This gun is in very nice condition. It has a Nikon Prostaff scope that is 2 years old.
Seller: racefan 05-31-11--07:56 AM Baltimore, MD
Millett 3-9x44 Buck Gold
Millett 3-9x44 Buck Gold $60.00
BK00705 Med Plex
Seller: Al-arm 11-27-10--10:19 PM Gaithersburg, MD
Traditions Springfield Hawken 50 Caliber Blackpowder Rifle
Traditions Springfield Hawken 50 Caliber Blackpowder Rifle $250.00
Traditions Springfield Hawken .50 Caliber Percussion Muzzleloader with a 28' barrel, 1 in 66' twist. Features an advanced cold-drawn processed barrel that simultaneously creates deep-groove rifling...
Seller: kirtparker 11-22-10--10:37 AM Sorrento, MD
SOLD = Marlin Model-55 12 Gauge Bolt Action Shotgun $100.00
1964 Marlin Model-55 Hunter, 12 Gauge Bolt Action Shotgun, Full Choke 28' Barrel, 49' Overall Length, Uses 2 3/4' Shells, Weight of 8 Pounds, Good Condition, Very Accurate, $115, call Kirt Parker a...
Seller: kirtparker 11-22-10--10:35 AM Sorrento, MD
.40 cal. Ammo $400.00
1800 rounds of ammunition 300 rds wwb 165g fmj 600 rds blazer brass 180g fmj 100 rds remington umc 180g fmj 100 rds remington umc 180g jhp 250 rds federal champion 180g fmj 250 rds pmc 165g jhp 150...
Seller: Qscuba 11-20-10--4:00 PM New Market, MD
beretta 390 12 gauge semi auto
beretta 390 12 gauge semi auto $400.00
beretta 390 silver mallard with 2 chokes. shoots 3 inch shells. 24 inch barrel.
Seller: jtat 11-07-10--08:11 AM germantown, MD
Mossberg 500 $100.00
Good condition, i have no use for it anymore.
Seller: Carl7051 07-19-10--2:08 PM Elkton, MD
Thompson Center Muzzle Loader 50 Calibur Inline with Scope
Thompson Center Muzzle Loader 50 Calibur Inline with Scope $200.00
Thompson Center Muzzle Loader 50 Calibur with Scope Like new, cleaned regularly.
Seller: ffc1689 06-16-10--1:44 PM Annapolis, MD
Remington Super Magnum
Remington Super Magnum $600.00
12 gauge Remington 870 Super Magnum. it shoots 2 3/4", 3", and 3 1/2 inch shells! comes with the factory supplied modified choke and a Undertaker super full turkey choke. its sights are a fiber opt...
Seller: jakefaber243 04-20-10--11:43 AM princess anne, MD
Mossberg 12GA Slugger $300.00
A very well kept well cleaned shotgun perfect in every way im in the army so i have a thing with keeping my guns clean also comes with a center point red dot/green dot scope only has a small baby p...
Seller: hunterarmy87 04-04-10--9:25 PM frederick, MD

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