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Florida Gun Classifieds

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Florida Gun Classifieds

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Cape Coral, Florida Gun Classifieds
Cocoa Beach, Florida Gun Classifieds
Coconut Creek, Florida Gun Classifieds
Coral Springs, Florida Gun Classifieds
Deland, Florida Gun Classifieds
Delray Beach, Florida Gun Classifieds
Destin, Florida Gun Classifieds
Dunnellon, Florida Gun Classifieds
Gainesville, Florida Gun Classifieds
Hernando Beach, Florida Gun Classifieds
Jackosnville, Florida Gun Classifieds
Liverpool, Florida Gun Classifieds
Melbourne, Florida Gun Classifieds
Miami, Florida Gun Classifieds
N Ft Myers, Florida Gun Classifieds
Ocoee, Florida Gun Classifieds
Okeechobee, Florida Gun Classifieds
Orlando, Florida Gun Classifieds
Ormond Beach, Florida Gun Classifieds
Palm Coast, Florida Gun Classifieds
Pierson, Florida Gun Classifieds
Port Saint Lucie, Florida Gun Classifieds
Punta Gorda, Florida Gun Classifieds
Seffner, Florida Gun Classifieds
Spring Hill, Florida Gun Classifieds
Springhill, Florida Gun Classifieds
St. Augustine, Florida Gun Classifieds
Tampa, Florida Gun Classifieds
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Winter Haven, Florida Gun Classifieds

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KAHR P40 LNIB $525.00
This gun is LIKE NEW IN BOX, it's been fired less than 50 rds. not even close to broke in. Comes w/ case 2-clips 1-6RD & 1-7RD EXT. & lock and all paper work. EXCELLENT CONCEAL CARRY GUN,DON'T MISS...
Seller: mark357 10-11-10--6:55 PM winter haven, FL
sale or trade $0.00
Mint Marlin 336 30-30 w/ scope $500 Mossberg pistol grip 12ga $300 Charter 38 snub. $300 Older mint Romainian 223 AK $600 CZ-52 762x25 pistol $300
Seller: rockinspaz 09-28-10--05:03 AM Springhill, FL
CHARLIN 12 GA SXS $5200.00
This is a special piece. Shotgun was brought back from france after ww2 in 1945.the chambers accept American 2&3/4 ammunition. It has 25.5 inch barrellsw/modified and full chokes.This is a French s...
Seller: johnboy1946 09-22-10--10:08 PM springhill, FL
Ruger Single Six 22lr Revolver
Ruger Single Six 22lr Revolver $225.00
I am selling a slightly used Ruger Single Six Revolver. I have two cylinders, one is 22lr and the other is 22 magnum.
Seller: alan49 07-15-10--12:39 AM coral springs, FL
maverick model 88 $190.00
all black maverick model 88 pump action shoutgun holds 6 in the tube 1 in the chamber very good condition
Seller: ogre123 04-09-10--07:25 AM melbourne, FL
Armalite M-15 A2
Armalite M-15 A2 $850.00
Armalite M-15 A2 with less than 300 rounds fired through it. Has been field stripped and cleaned to military standard. The original A2 butt stock has been replaced with a tan CAA 6 position collaps...
Seller: golphur 04-06-10--12:45 AM Gainesville, FL
Original German WWII SS Dagger
Original German WWII SS Dagger $600.00
WTS: Original German WWII SS Dagger, Maker Marked "RZM, M7/80, RZM 1197/38SS". Very Nice Condition Dagger, Nice Blade, Looks Great For It's Age, Has Some Age Stains, But Adds To The Character Of Th...
Seller: Sturmgewehr44 04-02-10--03:24 AM Tampa, FL
Bushmaster  AR-15 xm15-e2s
Bushmaster AR-15 xm15-e2s $1450.00
The package includes: 2 - 40 round magazines 2 - 30 round magazines Freedom padded hard-shell case 1000 rounds .223 ammo Red Dot scope .223 cleaning kit (never used) This rifle has had, tops...
Seller: scottabennett 02-20-10--4:55 PM Spring Hill, FL
CVA Optima Elite Realtree camo forearm and stock w/ SS receiver and barrel
CVA Optima Elite Realtree camo forearm and stock w/ SS receiver and barrel $375.00
I have a new never fired CVA Optima Elite that I purchased last year. It has stainless steel receiver and barrel. The stock and forearm are Realtree camo. These are very accurate rifles thanks to t...
Seller: smokeater633 07-02-09--9:38 PM Port Saint Lucie, FL
BUSH MASTER AR-15 .223 $800 FIRM FIRM FIRM $800.00
Seller: arehart 05-08-09--09:40 AM punta gorda, FL
Desert eagle 50 cal sharp, clean. 1000 rounds fired. well cared for , 1 clip, gun rug $500 postal m.o need copy of signed ffl or I can not ship! You can have your dealer follow up with mailed copy...
Seller: arehart 05-08-09--09:34 AM punta gorda, FL
Colt King Cobra 357 Magnum
Colt King Cobra 357 Magnum $950.00
I have for sale or trade an exquisite Colt KIng Cobra 357 magnum. 6 inch stainless steel, facory grips. Included is factory case and aluminum HALLIBURTON CASE. I personally shot this revolver on 2 ...
Seller: cobracolt357 03-30-09--1:39 PM orlando, FL
1848 Colt First Model Dragoon Made In Italy
1848 Colt First Model Dragoon Made In Italy $10000.00
Looks like new has minor scratches
Seller: apple25711 03-23-09--3:43 PM Palm Coast, FL
Remington 700 7mm synthetic $500.00
Remington 700 7mm Black synthetic stock wtih a remington scope.This gun was used for one season and also comes with around 100 rounds of ammo.
Seller: slicknick 03-22-09--06:43 AM Destin, FL
45 cal auto. w/22 cal conversion . $1300.00
Colt 45 cal. MKIV /series 70 with 22cal conversion kit with this gun Serial 70G49508.Less than 50 rounds used. Purchased in 1074 and stored at home.Also have two clips for each caliber.
Seller: rhuel 03-01-09--4:15 PM TITUSVILLE, FL
Interarms Mark X 458 Win. Mag. $0.00
Seller: john3q8i 02-25-09--1:57 PM HERNANDO BEACH, FL

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