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DPMS LR-308 24"ss fluted / Pelican 1750 case

Posted by: talon0930     at 10-08-10--07:51 AM
DPMS LR-308 24"ss fluted / Pelican 1750 case

Description: DPMS LR-308 AR10……………….YES 308!! *$1650.00 w/ Pelican 1750 case* DPMS Lower with DPMS lower parts kit Ergo target grip with palm shelf Magpul PRS rifle stock STD buffer and buffer spring DPMS slick side flat top upper DPMS bolt carrier group 24” SS fluted barrel DPMS rifle length vented hand guard 6-9” bi-pod Millett 4X16 56mm rifle scope Burris Xtreme scope rings 2 - 20 round Magpul 308 mags / 1 used but like new and 1 still in original package This rifle I put together for long distance shooting. I put exactly 80 rounds of clean ammo through this rifle, following the manufacturers recomendations, I have followed the break in requirements to this point for breaking the barrel in properly. It shoots flawlessly, and accurately. I’m able to hold a ½ group out to 300 yards; unfortunately I don’t have access anymore to longer ranges. This rifle turns heads when it comes out of the case, everyone wants it. It is heavy and long, but the weight and size makes it an easy gun to shoot. I am a certified AR15/M16 Armorer, and take proper care of my rifles. The AR10 is kept in a Pelican 1750 hard case with the open cell core foam cut out to the pattern of the rifle. *If you do not want the case, I will take $200.00 off*. I will consider shipping to your FFL dealer. Buyer will pay ACTUAL shipping. Whatever it costs me, it will cost you. I am in Pennsylvania and will gladly do a face to face transfer to another PA resident. E-mail me if you need any more info or specific pics. I also have a really nice Spike's Tactical custom AR15 in another ad

Price: $1650.00

DPMS LR-308 24"ss fluted / Pelican 1750 case
Click image to enlarge.

DPMS LR-308 24"ss fluted / Pelican 1750 case
Click image to enlarge.

DPMS LR-308 24"ss fluted / Pelican 1750 case
Click image to enlarge.

DPMS LR-308 24"ss fluted / Pelican 1750 case
Click image to enlarge.

Location: Orefield, PE

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