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12 Gauge Shotguns - Classifieds

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12 Gauge Shotguns

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Benelli Nova $350.00
12 guage Benelli Nova pump action, advantage timber camo, tru-glo .155 ported choke, 24" barrel, will shoot 3 1/2 in shells. 3 year old. Excellent shape. $350. Please call or text 865-696-5587.
Seller: bhelton 12-13-11--09:37 AM Oakdale, TN
Remington 1100 Cantelever 12 Gauge $450.00
Remington 1100 full synthetic black 12 gauge Cantelever. Immaculate condition. I also have six box's of Winchester Supreme X 385 grain sabots for this gun. Call 330-575-5010
Seller: rnic5148 11-21-11--10:35 AM Canton, OH
Remington 1100 & Winchester 120 shot guns $485.00
Remington 1100 & Winchester 120 shot guns Must sell! Remington 1100- 12GA. shot gun. Excellent condition, like new, valued at $575, will sell for $485. Winchester 120-12GA. Valued at $210, will se...
Seller: Rollinhc 11-18-11--6:54 PM RSM, CA
BROWNING BT-99 Adjustable COMB NIB $1150.00
NIB Browning BT-99 12 Gauge 34 Barrel Adjustable Comb, SportLock Hard Case ($150) Included BUYER PAYS ACTUAL SHIPPING AND ANY TRASFER COSTS
Seller: rhughesnc 11-08-11--12:47 AM Charlotte, NC
hawk industries 94 12 gauge shotgun $200.00
hawk industries 94 12 gauge shotgun serial number 0000422
Seller: Rick 09-20-11--07:37 AM greenville, WI
12 gauge coast to coast master mag cc880 shotgun $250.00
12 gauge coast to coast master mag cc880 shotgun with cloth type case. was told it is the same gun as a mossberg 500 serial number g979620
Seller: Rick 09-20-11--07:34 AM greenville, WI
Remington 1100 12 gauge shotgun $500.00
remington 12 gauge shotgun with cloth type case. serial number l609046v
Seller: Rick 09-20-11--07:31 AM greenville, WI
Benelli Supernova Supermag with extras including a new Burris Speed bead!
Benelli Supernova Supermag with extras including a new Burris Speed bead! $800.00
Benelli Supernova Supermag 12 gauge shotgun with a 28inch barrel. The gun has been modified with a new Briley 11 shell extention tube, new Briley extended titanium choke tubes, and a new Burris spe...
Seller: ericjdion 08-12-11--11:43 AM Carneys Point, NJ
Remington Model 1889 shotgun
Remington Model 1889 shotgun $450.00
Remington Model 1889, Grade 1 side by side 12 gauge shotgun with decarbonized 30 inch Damascus steel barrels, double hammers and triggers, automatic ejector, and matted barrel rib. The serial numb...
Seller: Law122 07-15-11--10:09 AM Tucson, AZ
Second hand Beretta DT10 Trident Sporting 12 Bore/gauge Shotgun
Second hand Beretta DT10 Trident Sporting 12 Bore/gauge Shotgun $3000.00
This is a beautiful DT10,I bought this gun as an ex-demo on 13/02/20010,last year I shot about 75 clays every other sunday.This year I have not shot more than 100 clays,other sports taking up my ti...
Seller: cherrythos 06-25-11--00:06 AM clarksville, IN
Beretta 682 Gold E Sporting 12 Bore/gauge Shotgun
Beretta 682 Gold E Sporting 12 Bore/gauge Shotgun $2200.00
New left handed BERETTA 682 GOLD E SPORT 12G Shotgun for sale Gun Category: Shotgun Make: Beretta Model: 682 Gold E Sporting Gun status: Live firing Certificate required: Shotgu...
Seller: cherrythos 06-24-11--11:55 PM clarksville, IN
Perazzi MX-8 Combo $11000.00
34 inch full choke single barrel, 32 inch full and modified double barrel. Two trigger assembly and rigid carrying case.
Seller: oldkalapach 05-06-11--2:21 PM Fort Worth, TX
12 gauge shot gun
12 gauge shot gun $100.00
Great gun used it twice. probably has only fired about 15 rounds total. comes with case.
Seller: curtisc 04-20-11--11:46 AM Lake Elsinore, CA
Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 1/2" 12 ga. with 26" barrel in flat black finish and 6 chokes. $850.00
Benelli Super Black Eagle 12 ga. with 26" barrel in black matt finish. Lightly used 4 seasons in very good condition with little or no scratches. Comes with 6 chokes including a Hastings extra-ful...
Seller: glenndv 03-20-11--2:52 PM Adel, IA
H&R Pardner Pump 12GA. 28" barrel
H&R Pardner Pump 12GA. 28" barrel $215.00
FACTORY NEW H&R Pardner Pump, Real Tree APG finish, synthetic stock, 12GA., 28" barrel, 2 3/4"-3" shells, interchangeable choke (comes with MOD.), pump action, lock. Price does not include $10 bac...
Seller: corhs 01-17-11--7:52 PM bend, OR
Franchi spas law 12
Franchi spas law 12 $900.00
Hello, I am selling my franchi law 12. This is in very good condition with less than 100 rounds fired. It is an excellent shotgun. I would like something a lot more simple. It is light and v...
Seller: Frank 12-30-10--6:16 PM North Plains, OR
12 gauge browning
12 gauge browning $1100.00
Browning, 12 Gauge, Semi-automatic Browning Semi-Auto 12 GA Shotgun Details: super light Browning Gold Evolve, 12 GA 30" barrel, 3" and 2-3/4" chamber, factory new. Contact Mr. Thao at (651...
Seller: thao 11-28-10--07:19 AM saint paul, MN
SOLD = Marlin Model-55 12 Gauge Bolt Action Shotgun $100.00
1964 Marlin Model-55 Hunter, 12 Gauge Bolt Action Shotgun, Full Choke 28' Barrel, 49' Overall Length, Uses 2 3/4' Shells, Weight of 8 Pounds, Good Condition, Very Accurate, $115, call Kirt Parker a...
Seller: kirtparker 11-22-10--10:35 AM Sorrento, MD
beretta 390 12 gauge semi auto
beretta 390 12 gauge semi auto $400.00
beretta 390 silver mallard with 2 chokes. shoots 3 inch shells. 24 inch barrel.
Seller: jtat 11-07-10--08:11 AM germantown, MD
Remington Model 870 Express Magnum $275.00
Remington Model 870 Express Magnum 2 3/4 3" Pump
Seller: Heritage-TEC 10-12-10--09:28 AM Meherrin, VA

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